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Why did i do this?
Whats wrong with me?
I thought it was all going so well.
Everything seemed to jsut fix itself eventually.
This didnt get fixed.
Why did i do this to myself?
Why did things have to be this way?
I didnt want things to be this way.
I never thought it would end up like this.
I never thought id take things this far.
Im not who you think.
Not that a random internet cartoonist would matter to any of you.
It dosnt mean anything.
My words all just are empty to you.
Yet in a way these words do matter.
No matter how little they mean to you.
I was so ignorant and vengleful.
I just wanted things to clear up.
I wanted to start new and get a fresh start with a clean slate.
I thought i could win.
I lied.
I just sat down ddodled shit on a screen with little to no care whatsoever.
I didnt try.
I just sat there looked at it and being full of myself said "Its good enough" or "Its dosnt matter,its just for fun." or "this will do."
Im sorry.
Im sorry i bombarded you with vent art abo
:iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 1 3
*EXTRAS* SL. Ships
Bidy Bab X nobody (Bidybab is forever alone)
Bonnette X Harp (Minirina 4(hidden))
Cello (Minirina 2) X Viola (Minirina 3)
Violen (minirina 1) X JJ (SL version)
Jackle (Magic BB) X nobody (Jackle is forever alone)
:iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 1 0
FNAF OTPS (AU)screw it! its not even FNAF!anymore!
Fredrick S. Stein X Chamameil (Chica)
Sean (Foxy) X Stephan (springy)
Bon X nobody (Bon is FOREVER alone)
Goldy X Nighty
Carol (Toy Chica) X Shi (Mangle)
Spade (Toy Bonnie) X nobody (Spade is FOREVER alone!)
Andy (BB) X GG (JJ)
Oliver (Toy Freddy) X nobody (Teddy is FOREVER alone!)
B.(Baby) X nobody (Baby is FOREVER alone!)
Ballora X Vix (Funtime Foxy)
Fredrick K. Sullivan (Funtime Freddy) X Ennard
Scarlet (NIGHTMARE Mangle) X Ivory (NIGHTMARE Chica)
Crimson (NIGHTMARE Foxy) X Jefferey (NIGHTMARE Bonnie)
Ivory (NIGHTMARE Cupcake) X Fredrick N. Nightmare (NIGHTMARE Freddy)
Nighty (NIGHTMARE) X Night Bear (NIGHTMARE Fred Bear)
NIGHTMARE BB X Plush (Plush Trap)
(no freddle ships lmao)
:iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 1 0
Please read this...its VER important...
Im trying to post things!\im trying to post my newand improved traditional art!
i swear!
it WILL come eventually!
ALL of it!
in a HUGE wave!
and im working on my series!
and just a lil note.
I spent years at least 10 years!
working on my FNAF AU ive been writeing it in my head its all been set in stone in my fantasy world.
so many years in my head.
so many abbandoned plans ideas and AU's and deactivated discarded OCs.
I cant get it all out there.
I wanted to.
i REALLY did.
But i cant.
It would take FAR too long.
So heres what ill do.
Ill draw all my OLD characters that i havent touvched apon in years at least once.
Then ill draw my recently abandoned ones at least once.
The ill draw all my new ones at least once.
There is NO possible way ill be able to get my story out there so when im oler and when i get a job in animation ill turn my stories and ideas into realities and youll see them one day.
And about my FNAF AU...
Ill just explain whats going on and the TIMELINE of it all in
:iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 1 0
Mkae this happen Disney!
How is this not a thing yet?!
This has to happen!
I NEED to see this happen!
This NEEDs to be a thing!
Lezbian princesses!
Get on it Disney!
Lets see it happen!
art of some ships (Google) :
:iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 1 0
Hey Masky Headcannon RANT
So this is a RANT on the "Hey Masky" headcannon of Ticci Toby.
I absolutely hate how people think Ticci Toby is an annoying waffle loveing hyperactive prick.
I honestly see toby more as a tragic character and its a shame such a good character is potraid as this mess.
I wish people would actually see Toby as he really is.
The way kastoway made Toby.
But no the internet had to ruin yet another great thing.
I like Tobys real personality an d hate whn people project this awful headcannon persoality on Ticci Toby.
He was a brilliantly written and well desighned character and they turned him into a flat one dementional annoyance!
im sorry for ranting but why wold the internet want to ruin toby?!
:iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 2 3
Ticci Toby by Fox-Trap-Forever Ticci Toby :iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 1 1 Shading practice. by Fox-Trap-Forever Shading practice. :iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 1 0 ... by Fox-Trap-Forever ... :iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 2 7 she hasnt come back yet... by Fox-Trap-Forever she hasnt come back yet... :iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 3 0 plz by Fox-Trap-Forever plz :iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 3 1 OH MY STARS! by Fox-Trap-Forever OH MY STARS! :iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 2 0 Lapis X Amythest by Fox-Trap-Forever Lapis X Amythest :iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 2 0 Laughing together by Fox-Trap-Forever Laughing together :iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 2 1 Lapis? by Fox-Trap-Forever Lapis? :iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 0 0 Shiny!!! by Fox-Trap-Forever Shiny!!! :iconfox-trap-forever:Fox-Trap-Forever 2 0



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